Adam Golubis the founder and artistic director ofMegamot Media. He is a journalist and documentary filmmaker with a passion for the unusual and the underrepresented. He graduate from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism and was a fellow of the UnionDocs Collaborative Laboratory. 

Neither this, nor that - Gayatri Kaul has often found herself wedged in between cultures and complexities. Kashmiri-Indian, English and American influences informed a general approach to mediating between perspectives. She started her career at Brooklyn-based Blue Chalk Media and has collaborated with organizations including global non-profit WonderWork, the New York Times and NBC News. 

Megamot Mediais dedicated to telling unique stories of those people on the margins, believing that the voice of those on the fringes of society can tell us the most about where the world is headed. 

Our Mission

Our Team

Shane O'Neill is lead editor. Shane's original multimedia one-man show "Liquid Nonsense" debuted at the LaMama Theater as part of the 2013 Queer New York International Arts Festival.   When not editing, he contributes as a columnist to ArtNews New York magazine and performs under the name "Shane Shane."  He has a cat named Wanda, a lovely boyfriend named Dusty, and a supportive family--both chosen and by blood--in the Great American Midwest.